A Quick Guide to Automatic Filling Machines

Date: 31/05/2021

When it comes to food processing and packaging efficiency an automatic filling machine is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for any business. Not only can they reduce labour costs, but they can measure and fill the recommended amount of food or liquid for bottles, cans, and jars.

What are the types of filling machines?

There are many different types of automatic filling machine and each one will be specific to your industry and sector. They come in a variety of sizes including portable and floor standing designs which are easily adaptable into food and packaging lines. At Filltech we specialise in everything from linear jar and bucket filling lines to robotic palletisers so there will be something to suit your business requirements.

How do they work?

Many automatic filling machines operate with the product fed into a hopper and then volumetrically pumped or gravity fed through the line. The product is then sent through a filler head where the portions are measured by weight or volume into the packages.

Automatic filling machines will feature user-friendly controls that let the operator manage the filling process including the speed, filling, and packaging. The equipment is often adaptable and can be scaled up to offer businesses a higher production output and optimum efficiency. As with all filling machinery, hygiene is very important, and there is a need to be able to disassemble the machine for cleaning or cleaning in place.

Types of food handled by food filling machines

These machines can handle a wide range of viscous and liquid products and are designed to cope with a large volume of production. At Filltech we have experience in the food, dairy & beverage industry which allows us to advise you on the right type of machine for your products.

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