Five Benefits of Robotic Palletisers

Date: 07/06/2021

Robotic palletisers are an integral part of the production and packaging industry. Businesses handling trays, boxes, cartons, crates and other products on pallets should consider the advantages of this type of system - below are five benefits of robotic palletisers.

1. Health and safety

Robotic palletisers eliminate the health and safety issues in the workplace often associated with heavy lifting, fatigue, and injuries. They are designed and programmed to repeat a continuous movement as well as support heavy loads.

2. Adaptable for production

Each robotic palletiser can be fully automated and adaptable to the pattern and task required. The interface will allow the user to monitor production changes usually in real-time which adds a large amount of flexibility to the production.

3. Speed

Manual handling comes with a degree of human error but this is not the case with robotic palletisers. The repetition of movement can be programmed at a certain speed and some robotic grippers can pick up more than one object at a time. At Filltech, our robotic palletisers can reduce product damage and improve pallet presentation.

4. Human intervention

They can eradicate the need for human intervention particularly when it comes to product sorting. They can work at high speeds for a constant period of time and will eliminate the errors associated with distraction and fatigue that can lead to quality control problems and shutdowns. 

5. Reduced costs 

As well as having a small carbon footprint they can reduce labour and operating costs, given that they can be programmed to run day and night. They can also work in different temperatures and only require minimal human supervision. They consume less energy which means better productivity and efficiency for your business.

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