Five Reasons to Use an Automatic Filling Machine

Date: 21/06/2021

The automation of filling and packaging has huge benefits for any organization and in this article, we look at some of the reasons for using an automatic filling machine. Using this type of machine will not only increase efficiency but production and distribution times.

1.  Accuracy

Using an automatic filling machine ensures an extremely high level of accuracy when it comes to filling and packaging as you can program the machines to set a specific volume and amount for the bottles and containers. You cannot get this consistency and reliability filling by hand, an automatic method of filling takes away any uncertainty and wastage.

2.  Speed

Manual labour will struggle to keep up with the speed of an automatic filling machine and this is one of the reasons why you should use one for your business. Once the filling line gets going the speed can be increased and with it the production times. Not only that but an automatic filling machine doesn’t need to take breaks meaning it can run constantly.

3.  Versatility

They are very versatile which is ideal for companies using different sized bottles and containers. Some machines can be adjusted to switch from one bottle to another and reduce the need for a lengthy changeover.

4.  User friendly

One of the biggest benefits is how user friendly the interface is. Many filling machines use a touch screen to input the date, recipes, and cycles for the filling process. Once it has been entered it is a case of monitoring and making the necessary adjustments such as portion volume or fill height, etc.

5.  Modern engineering

With modern engineering technology moving as fast as it is now, many companies such as Filltech are building equipment based on the expected growth of our customers. Our machines are fully adaptable, which means we can tailor their design to suit your production requirements and budget costs.

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